20 Milly Bags arrive at Ward 84/86

As we approach September, we head towards Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Before Milly was diagnosed with Leukaemia, this was a world that I knew very little about. I knew that children got cancer but beyond that my knowledge was very limited.

Every year there are around 1635 children under the age of 15 diagnosed with childhood cancer, and I am sure that everyone knows someone who has been touched by this dreadful disease.

Awareness is vital if things are to change. There needs to be better treatments with more favourable outcomes for our children.

I wish there was no need for our Milly Bags but as long as children continue to be diagnosed Milly’s Smiles will continue to support them.

We are there to make a small difference to families at the start of their journey, at one of the most frightening times in their lives. It is a time when nothing is certain and where you have very little control over what is happening to your child.

Last month we delivered a further 20 Milly Bags to Ward 84/86 at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, and this takes our total to 740 Milly Bags.

We thank everyone who continues to believe in us and everyone who continues to support us. With your help we make a difference everyday to a family somewhere across the North of England

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