A delivery to Ward 84 and a beautiful poem received in return!

Our brilliant delivery team David and Vicky took a further  20 Milly Bags to Manchester Children’s Hospital last month, and this delivery included the 600th Bag.
A short while later we were sent this beautiful poem about our bags, knowing how much of a difference each bag makes is why we do what we do.  
In the darkest of days, a rainbow shines through,
In the form of a bag filled with goodies for you.
A blanket that doubles as a hug when required,
And a travel mug for coffee which is essential when tired.
When you need to remember, there’s a diary and pen,
And of course, an elephant teddy for when you need a friend.
A towel and wash kit for you to freshen up,
And a cool beanie hat if you feel you need to cover up.
A heat pack to chase all those aches and pains away,
And jelly babies that keep the dietitians happy during your stay.
All of these things you won’t realise you need, when you’re brought to hospital at unexpected speed.
So when you arrive here and discover this magical pack,
It’s comforting to know that Milly and her rainbow bags have already got your back.

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