The Bonny Inn hold Charity Night for Milly’s Smiles

A huge thank you to The Bonny Inn who recently held a charity night for Milly’s Smiles.

The evening was a huge success and a total amount of £792.91 was raised.

A special thank you to Mike who not only dressed as a woman for the evening but also had his beard shaved off for extra donations!

Thank you to everyone involved, we are more than grateful for all your support, it allows us to make a difference every single day.


Holly’s Bloom Journey raise £4360.20

Yesterday I met brave parents Mark and Jenny when they came to Milly’s Smiles to present us with a cheque for £4260.20.

The money was raised when the family held a charity ball to raise money for 5 charities who had supported them over the last 2 years, following their daughter Holly being diagnosed with cancer.

Holly was admitted and subsequently treated on Ward 84/86 at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where she received her Milly Bag.

Heartbreakingly Holly did not survive her treatment and she sadly passed away in April this year.

You can read all about Holly and her bravery at Holly’s Blooms Journey.

It was a privilege and an honour to meet Holly’s parents and with all our heart we thank them for their kindness and support.

This money will allow us to continue making a difference to families every day .


Bolton Hot Wheels BHWCC cycle 200 miles for Milly’s Smiles

Bolton Hot Wheels Cycling Club took part in a sponsored cycle in order to raise funds for us.

Club members of all ages took part in a sponsored cycle around their training track, with a target to collectively ride 200 miles in 2 hours – 805 laps in total!

The club did even better than they thought, and after 2 hours they had ridden a massive 374 miles!

The total amount raised by these wonderful people is £1075.00.

We are so very grateful to everyone who took part, what a wonderful acheivement. Thank you so very much.


Milly’s Smiles Summer Fayre

Plans are underway for our second Summer Fayre, which is taking place on Sunday 21 August 2022 at Milly’s Smiles Unit in Great Harwood.

It promises to be a fun packed day with lots going on to keep everyone entertained.

If you would like to book a stall with us, please contact us at


Visit to Leeds Ward L31

People say you are only as good as the team around you….

At Milly’s Smiles, teamwork is something that we do really well.

On Monday I received an email from Ward L31 to say they only have 2 Milly Bags left.

As I am way on holiday, one of our trustees kindly jumped in and made sure the already packed Milly Bags were tagged and loaded into the van.

The next day David and Vicky collected the van, filled up with fuel and safely delivered all 20 Milly Bags to Leeds, Ward L31.

All this was done by everyone with only a moments notice because we understand that no hospital can be left without a supply of Milly Bags.

This is something we promise to all our hospitals, and in the 6 years we have been operating, we have always kept this promise.

Huge thank you to everyone involved with Milly’s Smiles, there are so many people behind us and every single person plays a huge part.

To all the families we have supported and to all the families that we will support in the future, we see you, we understand you and we send you our love.


Ward 84/86 Delivery by Ward 84/86 family

At the moment a few of the hospitals that we are supporting are having a higher than usual admission rate.

On Thursday we made a delivery to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital slightly earlier than expected which caught us a little on the hop due to holidays!

However, we are not ones to be defeated and knowing how good our network of volunteers are, we knew someone would be able to make the delivery.

That someone was the lovely Carrie – whose daughter Lucy recieved a Milly Bag a few years ago, when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Lucy was also a pupil at Milly’s School!

Thankfully today, Lucy is doing well and remains in remission.

Carrie has been a valued volunteer with Milly’s Smiles for a while now and she was more than happy to collect 20 Milly Bags and head over to Manchester.

2 lovely nurses Em and George met Carrie on her arrival. They had both cared for Lucy during her time on the ward, so it was lovely for them all to meet up again.

We continually feel grateful to everyone involved in supporting us and ensuring all new families receive a Milly Bag when they most need it.

Teamwork really does make a huge difference, we think you are all wonderful, and together we continue to make a difference every day.


Graeme and John head over to Alder Hey

Last week another Milly’s Smiles delivery was made, this time it was Graeme and John’s turn to take 20 Milly Bags to Ward 3B at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

It was their first delivery together and they had strict instructions on what was expected! They did an amazing job of safely delivering our Milly Bags all the way up to the ward and into their storage room.

Huge thank you to the team, our volunteers are the backbone of Milly’s Smiles and we couldn’t do what we do without them.

Thank you also to everyone who continues to support us – everyday we make a huge difference to someone.

In total we have delivered 285 Milly Bags to Alder Hey and we feel very humbled that we are able to help newly diagnosed children and their families every day.


Milly’s Smiles Quiz Night

Our first ever quiz night was a huge success!

Everyone had a great time, the quiz was challenging but lots of fun and the supper was great!

It really was lovely to see so many people supporting us, a huge thank you to everyone who attended and everyone involved in arranging the day.

We also have to say a special thank you to our beautiful raffle ticket sellers, they did an amazing job, and the total amount raised on the night was £908!

Thank you so much to everyone for their generosity it always means so much to us and to the families and hospitals we support.


Tesco Bookswap raises £2790!

Over the last few months Tesco in Great Harwood have been running a book swap stand, and all money raised has been donated to Milly’s Smiles.

To date they have raised an amazing amount of £2790! This will fund almost 20 of our Milly Bags.

Milly Bags are given out to families whose child has been newly diagnosed with a cancer related illness and admitted into one of the main treatment hospitals across the North of England.

Lucy from Great Harwood, received a Milly Bag when she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and admitted onto Ward 84 at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Mum, Carrie told us “Lucy was 8 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. Finding ourselves in hospital unexpectedly for a long stay was something that we weren’t prepared for. The Milly’s Smiles bag meant the world to us – not just because it was filled with so much practical stuff that we desperately needed but also just the fact that someone cared enough to make sure we had what we needed – and more importantly had walked in our shoes and knew exactly what it was like to be in our situation “

We thank you everyone who has supported the book swap, this money will make a huge difference to us and we appreciate it more than you will ever know. Together we really are making a difference every single day.


An epic event but brutal!

Earlier this month Ross, took on The Marathon Des Sables which is classed as the toughest foot race in the world .

Ross flew to Morocco to take part in the gruelling challenge where he had to run 250km in 6 days whilst carrying this own kit including food and sleeping gear, in exceedingly hot temperatures of 50C and above!

This was an awesome challenge and one which Ross has been preparing for over several months.

As well as completing this incredible feat Ross has also raised an amazing amount of £5455.00 for Milly’s Smiles!

He told us that it was ‘an epic event but very brutal’.

Huge well done to Ross and thank you to everyone who supported him. We hope he is getting plenty of rest and recovery time!