Christmas arrives at Ward 84!

Earlier this week are volunteers have been making up Christmas Gift Bags for all the children on Ward 84, each bag contains a beautiful Harrods Christmas penguin and a bag of chocolate treats from LouLou’s Meringues.  They also made up bags of chocolate treats for the wonderful staff on Ward 84, Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and Ward 84 Day Case.
We combined our Christmas delivery with taking over a further 20 Milly Bags.  We are grateful that even during the pandemic our Milly Bags are seen as essential for the families and we have been allowed to continue to support newly diagnosed families throughout this difficult time.
Our fabulous volunteers David and Vicky made to journey over to Manchester, the Christmas Gifts will need to be quarantined for a few days before they can be given out to all the children.
We send all our love and best wishes for Christmas, being in hospital anytime is hard but Christmas is especially difficult and if we can put a smile on children’s faces, even for a little while, it makes us smile too.

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