Dexter reaches the half way stage in his leukaemia treatment – and gets a haircut

Dexter is almost 21 months into his 42 month treatment plan for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.  To celebrate hitting the halfway point, his family have decided to get Dexter’s haircut for the first time in 2 years!  Dexter’s amazing personality has helped him through the last 21 months, the drugs are working for him and his family are thrilled to have their little boy back and enjoying life.  He is has a long way to go until he rings the end of treatment bell in December 2018, and until then his journey will continue to be a roller coaster ride.  Dexter still receives daily chemo given orally by his parents along with IV chemo once a month.  He has 5 days of steroids every month and a lumber puncture every 3 months.  Because the chemo supresses Dexter’s immune system his is prone to picking up bugs and if his temperature rises above 38.5 he has to be admitted into hospital for 2 days of IV antibiotics.  We think Dexter is so brave and is doing a fantastic job, Well done Dexter – keep up the good work.

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