Guests at Ward 84 Annual Party

We were lucky enough to attend the Annual Ward 84 party at Victoria Baths, Manchester recently.  The party is organised by parents of Ward 84 children.  Words cannot really do justice to how amazing this day is, not only for the children but for their parents and siblings.  It gives them the chance to be ‘normal’ kids again, to laugh, sing, dance and forget all about chemotherapy, injections, infusions and thumb pricks.  People come together from all walks of life offering their talents and services for free, ensuring everyone has an amazing time.  This year was no exception, it was truly heartwarming to see all these children smiling, hearing their laughter and looking at their faces, money cannot put a price on that.  No-one is forgotten at the party, there is a dedicated room for all the Ward 84 Angels, this room is truly beautiful and heartbreaking, every year more children’s pictures are placed in this room.  Milly is in this room, she never made it to the ward 84 party as she was having further chemotherapy in preparation for a second bone marrow transplant.  If you ever needed a reason to be happy and thankful for all you have, you just need to see these amazing children, they are truly life’s heroes.

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