L31 at Leeds receive a further delivery of Milly Bags

Earlier last month Graeme and I headed over the Pennines to Leeds Children’s Hospital. The weather was terrible with heavy rain, strong winds and then diversions all around the city – but thanks to Graeme’s good driving and navigation skills we eventually made it to the ward.

It was lovely to see Elaine waiting for us with her trolley ready. Elaine looks after our Milly Bags and makes sure that every new admission is given their bag upon their arrival onto the ward.

Elaine also collects feedback from the families, which we love to receive. We read every single note and if there is anything we can do to improve we will always do so.

One example is changing the sweets in our bags from jelly babies to fruit pastels. We were advised by a family that the jelly babies were not suitable for everyone due to not being vegan friendly, this was not something that we had considered, and so were very grateful to have this bought to our attention. From that point all jelly babies were changed to fruit pastels, which means they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Below is one of the lovely feedback notes we received during this delivery:

“Thank you for the Milly’s Bag, coming to hospital was not planned and as it was our first time being here, everything was overwhelming. To get the Milly Bag felt like someone cared and understood what we were going through. The toiletries have been really handy and the blanket much cosier than hospital blankets – thank you so much”.

We are so proud and humbled to be able to make such a difference every single day.

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