Lovely visit to Ward 86

This morning, bright and early Graeme and John drove over to Manchester to deliver a further 20 Milly Bags to Ward 86.

They were greeted by 2 lovely health care assistants who helped them to load up the cart and take the bags up to the ward.

We don’t like to cause a fuss on our bag deliveries we very much like to keep things simple and uncomplicated, we arrive, hand over the bags to the staff and then we leave.

Today we received a lovely surprise from the Ward, a Helping Hand Bead of Courage and a Strength Bead, along with beads saying Milly’s Smiles. This was very unexpected but appreciated so much, thank you to the lovely staff for putting that together for us.

Thank you as always to our brilliant Graeme and John and to everyone who continues to support us.

Over the last 7 years we have donated a total of 840 Milly Bags to the ward.

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