Lucy’s Mammoth Litter Pick

We would like to give a huge shout out to 11 year old Lucy.
Lucy has been wanting to fundraise for Milly’s Smiles for some time, ever since her dad told her all about our work and how we support newly diagnosed families.
Coming up with an idea of what to do proved difficult for Lucy.  However, whilst out walking in Bolton, Lucy was flabbergasted to see how much litter was on the ground.
This gave her an idea, between half term and Christmas Lucy will complete 10 hours of litter picking around her local community all to raise money for Milly’s Smiles…..
‘Lucy’s Mammoth Litter Pick’.
Last weekend Lucy started her challenge and has completed 3 hours so far over the 2 weekends.
Mum Jill told me “it was very a chilly morning – we had numb fingers and faces but chatting about Milly and the charity kept Lucy going”.
We think this is simply awesome and wish Lucy lots of luck with the rest of her challenge.

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