Milly’s Ball in the words of the magician of the evening Barrington Powell

A Marvelous and magical night for Milly’s Smiles.

Some events are simply sprinkled with magic as you enter the room, filled full of love. It sparkles in neon light and cascades full of warmth like a beautiful rainbow, that gives you a hug.

It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow ….and a hell of a lot of rain to make a bloody good waterfall. When it rains make sure you put on the Wellington boots and stomp in the puddles.

A few years back (in what can only be described as a truly heart breaking year) I drew a logo in memory of a very special lady called Milly. This little doodle is one of the proudest things I have ever done. It is a little bit flawed, a bit ropey around the edges…..but it is for those imperfections which is why i think it is simply perfect. I think (I know) Milly would be proud.

I get to see that logo at Alderhey on occasions and I am filled with a hidden pride, that Milly is still present in the here and now and always will be. Her magic continues to help families in need, at Leeds and also Manchester. The logo is attached to a beautiful blue bag, which is given to families who have found out that their child has been newly diagnosed with cancer.

Milly’s mum, whose background is in nursing, realised the importance that these bags give to families who are thrown into a dark and scary place without a moment to collect the bare essentials.

In a world that is often cruel, often heart breaking it is the children and the families and the staff upon those hospital wards which has taught me and also shown me, the best of humanity. It is more than simply a bag….it is the acknowledgment that someone knows, and that somebody cares.

Through both the laughter and the tears…none of those children who have lost their battles are ever truly forgotten. ( Every time I think of Milly I cannot help but smile knowing that the Milsters magic continues.)

The new neon sign shone brightly in the darkness and it seemed to sparkle. It glowed. And I for one simply beamed.

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