Milly’s Smiles are on the move!

Asking for money has always been very difficult for me, and not the best way to be when running a charity and constantly needing people’s help and support!

The Charity has been operational for 4 years now and in March it will be 4 years since the first delivery of Milly Bags left my house, bound for Ward 84 at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Over the last 48 months we have gone from strength to strength, we moved into a small second floor office where we had everything under one roof.  The charity was well supported by so many people that we were able to offer the same service to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in October 2018.

This was quite a gamble for us, our commitment to families doubled instantly, it meant twice as much stock being ordered, and stored, and double the amount of bags being made and delivered.

However, we exceeded our own expectations with this project, fundraising was still happening for us and, as such, we decided in October 2019 to expand further and offer our Milly Bags to children diagnosed at Leeds Children’s Hospital.

As you can imagine our commitment to support newly diagnosed families has increased substantially and we are no longer safely able to continue working from our small office.

We took the decision to look for a unit, in our local area, that could accommodate the charity’s expansion, and have secured one that is just perfect for us!

And now comes the difficult part …..we need help and support in making the unit fit for purpose, and this comes at a cost! We are hoping to raised £8,520, which is the price we have from our builder to cover all the work that needs doing.

We are asking for any help or support that can be given.

Whatever form the support takes would be amazing for us. If you know of any businesses that would like to sponsor us, or take us on as their charity for the year, please pass our details on to them.

If you are looking to hold a fundraiser, please consider us as your charity.

We are a charity that is local to so many people, we support families from all over the North West of England, Yorkshire and The Humber.  By helping us, you are ultimately helping families whose world has just come crumbling down.  You are helping us continue to make a difference every single day.


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