Milly’s Smiles visit SARCHS Year 8

Today we visited St Augustine’s RC High School, to speak to year 8, which is Milly’s year group.  We had been invited to talk about Milly’s charity and we also took the opportunity to show them the Welcome Bag that all new families receive when admitted onto the ward.  It was quite daunting talking to over 200 teenagers for several reasons, we were aware that all Milly’s friends were sitting in the audience and we were also highly aware that if things had been different Milly herself would have been sitting there too.  However, we were extremely well received by the staff and pupils, and the presentation seemed to go very well.  The pupils are all very keen to help support the charity, the school itself has been extremely supportive over the last 12 months, holding many fundraising activities over the school year.  The year 8 pupils are holding a toothpaste drive, where they will donate toothbrushes and toothpaste to go into our welcome bags.  This is their second toothpaste drive, the first one was held last year, and the amount of toothbrushes and toothpaste donated has kept us going until now – so thank you Year 8 for all your support, we think you are totally fabulous.

Whilst we were at the school we couldn’t waste the opportunity to get a photograph with all Milly’s school friends from her junior school, and we even got Milly on the picture too, which we absolutely love.

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