Milly’s Smiles Volunteer Training Day

We have been really lucky in having some amazing people volunteer to help Milly’s Smiles in many different ways, some of the people knew Milly, others have heard about the charity, and a few people have received a Milly Bag from us and wanted to give something.

We were very humbled by everyone’s kindness and so grateful for their offer to help.  We decided to put together a Volunteer Training Day, where we would go thought the history of the charity, why we set up, explain all about Milly’s journey, and how we came to the decision about our Milly Bags.  We also included the focus of the charity and our hopes and dreams for the future.

These lovely people gave up their free time to attend our training day and it proved to be very successful, with every one learning a lot about Milly’s Smiles.  We had a fun day, with lots of laughter, and a few tears too, it was great to hear peoples idea’s about we can continue to thrive and move forward, and we can’t wait to work with everyone very soon.

We will be introducing each of them to you over the next few months.

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