Richard’s epic cycle from Lands’ End to John O’Grouts

At the start of the year, having finished work in December, Richard was looking for a challenge and an opportunity to mark that transition.

He decided on cycling Lands’ End to John O’Groats as it was something he’d long had at the back of his mind, but never really thought he would get the chance.

In March his nephew Chris’ 3-year-old daughter Mary was diagnosed out of the blue with cancer.  After tests it was determined to be at stage 4 which was terrible news for Chris, and all his family.  Richard wondered if there was any charity or organisation that was supporting Mary that he could raise money for, to try to do something positive.

Chris suggested Milly’s Smiles, a charity who had provided him, his wife Colette, Mary and their 10-year-old son Henry with support, to help whilst the treatment started.

For Richard, any sponsorship needed to have some element of endurance, and not be too comfortable.  For that reason, he decided that he would give himself some extra challenges –

1. every night spent camping (except for emergencies);

2. solo and unsupported (apart from the very occasional meal and a shower in the houses of friends and family as I pass by);

3. mostly powered by plants (with the occasional non-vegan cake or pudding to keep morale high).

Richard achieved all of the above and so much more. His blog was a delight to read and we are in awe of what he has done for Milly’s Smiles.  To date he has raised a staggering £6,649.00 which will fund 66 Milly Bags for families facing such a devsatating diagnosis.

We send our most grateful thanks to Richard and everyone who has sponsored him, and we send our love to Mary and her family and wish her all the best with her ongoing treatment.

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