Milly’s Smiles Takes on the Worlds Fastest Zip Wire!

March 20th was the third anniversary of Milly’s Bone Marrow Transplant and we acknowledged this anniversary with the challenge of riding the Worlds Fastest Zipwire – Velocity!  We were joined by a group of people just as crazy as us, and together we took on this awesome challenge. The Wire is 1555 metres in length and speeds of up to 118mph have been reached by people.  The top of the ZipWire is 721m, and the views from up there are truly breathtaking. The whole ride is over in less than 60 seconds, and as soon as the end was reached everyone wanted to have another go. The whole day was fantastic and it was amazing to see Milly’s Smiles t-shirts all around, not only did we raise a lot of money (total to be confirmed) but we also raised a lot of awareness for the charity and childhood cancer. Huge thank you to everyone who supported us, both on the day and with messages of good luck.

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