Riverside Nursery Walk 10 Miles for Milly’s Smiles and raise £1608.23

Courageous young man, Jack, aged 3 years was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and is currently undergoing a course of intensive treatment.  Jack has had surgery to remove a tumour, several courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and in total, Jack will have 34 weeks of chemotherapy to get him back to full health, his final chemotherapy will be in March 2018.

Despite all of  this, Jack is still very active and happy and is obsessed with dinosaurs and motorbikes.

Jack attends Riverside Nursery in Darwen and when the nursery approached Jacks parent to ask about raising money they immediately suggested Milly’s Smiles as they said we ‘have been a great support to them after Jack’s diagnosis’.

Since then the nursery have had a busy month raising money and on 22 October 2017, staff from the nursery braved the awful weather and walked 11.5 miles from Lower Darwen to Bucksaw Nursery in Chorley.  We think they are all truly amazing, and thank everyone involved for supporting us.


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