Seeds for the SOULS

Our monthly support group met last Sunday (21st Jan), for our first get together of the year. We were joined by several new parents alongside Natalie who is the Lead Nurse in Bereavement and Tissue Donation at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals in Preston.

Natalie joined us to get an insight into the work we do and to take the opportunity to speak with families who were with us, in order to gain a greater understanding of our support group and the difference we make.

Natalie told me “the unit is lovely, a bright welcoming environment and I can see how people who make the difficult first step to attend are instantly made at ease by the environment and of course yourself. The idea of the activities works so well. Observing people supporting each other first in the task then developing to the emotional support they needed was an honour to witness first hand”.

Spring Bulbs was the theme for our activities, we decorated pots and planted beautiful hyacinth’s, daffodils and lots more. It was a lovely few hours spent with people who you just know understand you, and as one mum said as she left with her pot, “there was a lot of joy in the room”.

Our next group takes place on Sunday 18th Feburary, please get in touch if you would like to attend –

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