September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is a very emotive month for us and today has been a day of mixed emotions.
I learnt this morning that a Ward 84 patient has gained their Angel wings….just knowing what those parents are going through and will continue to go through breaks my heart…
Our delivery team took 20 more Milly Bags to Ward 84 this morning and Stuart was kind enough to send us a photo of the bags arriving….Often we take bags at a moments notice as we never want the ward to be without bags. For a family to arrive and there be no bags would be awful for us and the families and so we will always deliver our bags at a moments notice.
The last bag given out went to this handsome young man Hughie – this was our 500th Bag given out and Hughie and his family are happy to share this photo with us – which is a huge deal considering what they are facing.
Today we are thinking about the newly bereaved family of Ward 84 and also the family who are just starting out on their journey – we send so much love their way.

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