Sky Dive Challenge 19 March 2017

March 20th 2017 will be 2 years since Milly had her stem cell transplant.  To honour her daughter’s bravery and to raise awareness of the charity and all the children who are diagnosed with a cancer related illness, Milly’s mum will be undertaking a Tandem Sky Dive on 19th March.  Milly was so brave throughout her whole cancer journey, not least during her transplant and so to recognise and honour her daughter, Lorraine has decided that every year she will undertake some kind of personal challenge. This challenge will see her jumping 11,000 feet from an aeroplane and reaching speeds of up to 120mph!  Lorraine will be joined by a good friend of Milly’s from Ward 84, Melissa Sutton.  Melissa was being treated for a rare form of bone cancer at the same time as Milly was being treated and the 2 became good friends keeping each other smiling through the difficult days. Melissa wanted to do something to raise money for Milly’s Smiles and what could be better than jumping from a plane at 11,000 feet!



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