SOULS Christmas Wreath Making

On Sunday we held our monthly bereavement SOULS group (support, optimism, understanding, love and strength) and the theme was Christmas Wreath making.

Despite us all having experienced the worst loss imaginable, our groups are supportive, fun and filled with people with the most beautiful hearts.

There was an abundance of creative activity today and by the end of the session everyone was thrilled with their wreaths.

We were given brilliant tuition and guidance from the wonderful Debbie at Ewood Florist and it was such a lovely morning with lovely people.

Massive thanks to Debbie for sharing her skills with us and huge thank you to Asda at Accrington for funding the morning.

Finally, thank you to everyone who comes along to the groups, I know how hard it is to put a smile on your face and turn up for the first time, not knowing what to expect, wondering who will be there and what the expectations of you are.

Always know that there are no expectations, that you will always be very welcome and if you can’t quite find your smile that day, we got you.

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