Stewart takes on Mount Snowdon for Milly’s Smiles

In March this year Percy aged 2 years was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia)and dad Stewart says it shook their entire world.

The diagnosis was very quick and Percy was admitted to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital to start chemotherapy immediately.

Although Percy responded well to the chemotherapy, leukaemia cells were still present and it was deemed that a Bone Marrow Transplant was required.  A donor was found and the transplant completed in late June.

Percy is now in week three of his recovery from the transplant and progressing well.

Stewart tells us that the family “would like to raise money for the wonderful charity, Milly’s Smiles, so that they can continue to spread happy vibes through the children’s hospital and be able to deliver the special bags to newly admitted children and parents who need it most”.

“The Milly Bag was very much appreciated and something, that in the midst of tragedy managed to put a smile on our faces”.

When Percy comes out of hospital, he will still be extremely vulnerable and unable to join his dad on the trek up Snowdon,  so dad is doing it on Percy’s behalf.

We wish Stewart the very best of luck and look forward to hearing all about it when he completes the climb on 5 September.

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