Milly’s Smiles is a wonderful charity!

Milly’s Smiles is a wonderful charity that has grown so that it is able to help many families that have had the devastating news of a child diagnosed with cancer.

Here in Leeds it always so lovely to be able to hand out Milly Bags to these families. Many families have come straight to hospital after what they think will be a quick trip to the GP or A&E, and do not bring any stuff with them.  Being able to provide them with a Milly Bag that contains home comforts and essential items is lovely, the bags are always greatly received and families are so grateful.

The Milly Bags are always used again, many of them becoming the ‘grab bag’ for those unplanned trips to hospital and the lovely blankets are always a staple on the patients beds!

The Charity also send thoughtful gifts, for example at Xmas Milly’s Smiles provided gorgeous gift bags for the children and families which just makes those harder times to be in hospital a little bit brighter.

Thank you Milly’s Smiles!

Stephanie Hall – Acting Senior Sister, Ward L31, Leeds Children’s Hospital.


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