Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records- William Arthur Ward

Milly’s Smiles is a charity that is very close to my heart, an amazing organisation that continues to inspire each & every new day.

I first met Milly in 2011 where my job as a Community Policeman entailed a visit to Our Lady & St. Hubert’s RC Primary School in Great Harwood and a cheeky smile & “high five” meant I’d made a new friend.

I made a return visit in 2012 for a meeting with teacher, Mrs Hammerton where we formed a Road Safety initiative to which Milly would eventually join as one of the 6 Road Safety Ambassadors in 2014.

Unfortunately within a month or two, Milly fell ill and was diagnosed with leukaemia and coincidentally, it was the same time I moved to the Accrington station.

Milly bravely started her treatment and returned to school whenever her health allowed and she was given a “wish list”, I must have made a big as impression on her as she did on me for Milly wanted me to visit the school once more for which I readily agreed.

I was determined to honour this wonderful girl’s memory and eventually did a sponsored diet for Lent. I was given overwhelming support by not just family and friends but the local community and businesses too, all no doubt equally touched by what Millie’s Smiles stood for. Over £1,083 was raised for the charity, such was the strength of the cause and it really touched all our hearts.

Through all of this I’ve become good friends with Milly’s mother, Lorraine and I could see in her eyes, the desire to pay homage to her lovely daughter and to aid other children and parents in any way she could and with Milly’s Smiles, they are doing exactly that and I am extremely honoured to have played a little part with my fundraising.

As with any charity, the public’s goodwill and kindness is paramount to their continued success so please support Milly’s Smiles if only to make a little girl in heaven smile even brighter. Thank you.

PC Dave (Dave Render)