Amazing charity

Having been given heartbreaking news my six year old son had leukaemia I found it difficult to think of anything else at this time. To receive the Milly Smiles bag whilst in for our long stay full of necessity’s really was a massive help.
I’m really touched that a family who have experienced the loss they have, continue to support other family’s who are receiving devastating news each day. I love receiving the updates how the charity are doing and how so many people are continuing to support each other. It’s given me great inspiration and want to help others in similar situations and to remind me how grateful I am of all the help/support and love we receive from all the staff at RMCH, friends/family’s, strangers, charity’s such as Milly’s Smiles give us.
I have enjoyed looking through the website and getting a glimpse of the gorgeous girl Milly was and how she has helped so many children and families with needed items/support we continue to receive. Any help and support others can offer this charity would be amazing so they can continue to really help family’s at the times in our lives we really need this.
Thank you Milly’s Smiles – forever grateful xxx