It had everything I needed before I even knew what I’d need.

My 3yr old son was diagnosed with a brain tumour 12 weeks ago after an MRI to identify the cause of his balance issues was carried out. We were sent by ambulance there and then to Alder Hey in order that he could have an operation the following day. I traveled in the ambulance with him, while my husband had to go home to pick up our 5yr old and 1yr old from school and nursery, I had literally nothing except my handbag, two nappies and half a packet of wet wipes and our coats.
To say we were in shock is an utter understatement, he wasn’t poorly just a little bit wobbly on his feet I was and still am completely numb, we all are.
That night I considered the possibility that they must have got it wrong and they would realise their mistake and send us home, unfortunately they hadn’t made a mistake.
A lovely nurse came into our room and left a Millie’s Smiles duffle bag, it contained absolutely everything I needed from a soft blanket and neck support to toiletries and snacks and what I’ve since discovered the most vital piece of kit any oncology parent will need! An ear thermometer. Our son is current halfway through intensive chemotherapy and the duffel bag is packed ready for emergency hospital stays in between treatments.
From the bottom of my heart thank you, you are helping families get through the darkest of days. This duffle bag is the most used item we have been gifted since his diagnosis, please keep doing what you’re doing xxxx