Milly brings us a smile every day!

My daughter Anna was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma and is currently being treated in Manchester Children’s Hospital. When we were first admitted to ward 86 for Chemo it is a very worrying and lonely experience. Straight away though we received our Milly’s bag. I just wanted to say how much this means to us. Every day we use it as our main hospital bag. Every day the contents are used by my daughter. The contents are of excellent quality. Even more importantly, to know that people you don’t know are behind you and helping you through this awful time means so much. I read about Milly on your website, it is upsetting. I’m sure you miss her every day. What you are doing to keep her name and spirit alive is wonderful. As I type this I am watching my daughter sleep under her rainbow blanket. It gives me strength. I just wanted you to know that Milly brings us a smile every day.

Thank you,

Neil McCarthy.

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