The sun shines for our 9th annual walk for Milly

Sunday 5 November was our 9th annual walk for Milly’s birthday. Every year we worry that people will forget to come, and every year our worries are unfounded. This year we had over 150 people join us for a rather muddy 5 mile walk.

We have always been fortunate with the weather and this year proved no exception, the sun shone, the rain stayed away, and later in the day we even got a rainbow too.

After the walk, food and drinks were on offer to everyone as our way of thanking them for their support, not only today but throughout the year. Support comes in so many ways, often people may not think they are doing much, but even a ‘like’ or sharing a social media post can help in ways that you would not imagine.

Thank you to everyone for taking time to join us and remember my beautiful daughter who will always be missed every single day. We had lots of familiar faces along with some new faces too which is just wonderful.

Our walk next year is on Sunday 3 November 2024, not only will it be our 10th Walk it will also be Milly’s 21st Birthday. It will be a walk with a difference next year and we really hope to see you all there!

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