They had nothing with them at all!

We are always so grateful to people who fundraise for us. However, there are occasions where we are unaware of what people are doing to raise money, until the payment arrives. As as soon as that happens we will get in touch with the fundrasier straight away.

That was the case recently with Kirsten, and she sent us a lovely email about her reasons for choosing Milly’s Smiles …..

“I completed the fundraiser mentioned in your email because my niece had been diagnosed with leukaemia and received one of your Milly Bags.

She and my sister-in-law had been flown over from the Isle of Man for diagnosis, she was five and still in her school uniform.

They had nothing with them at all as they had no idea of the twists and turns that were coming their way that day.

Receiving a Milly Bag was so significant for them because it gave them things that were theirs in an unfamiliar and terrifying situation.

Not only things, but incredibly useful, thoughtful and comforting things which became invaluable to them.

She still uses it when she travels for treatment almost a year on.

While I am so wholeheartedly sorry for what happened to your beautiful daughter, what you are doing in her memory is absolutely magical.

Myself and my loved ones cannot thank you enough for the incredible work you do supporting families facing this turmoil.

As the anniversary of my niece’s diagnosis approaches, I fully intend to do another fundraiser for your wonderful charity and hope to fund at least another Milly Bag- fingers crossed!”

Receiving messages like this cannot be underestimated, to hear that we are helping newly diagnosed families during a horrendous frightening time is exactly why we do what we do.

Milly is making a difference every day to children and their families.

I hope that she is watching over with pride and love.

They that love beyond the world,

Cannot be separated by it.

Death cannot kill what never dies (William Penn)

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