Visit to Leeds Ward L31

People say you are only as good as the team around you….

At Milly’s Smiles, teamwork is something that we do really well.

On Monday I received an email from Ward L31 to say they only have 2 Milly Bags left.

As I am way on holiday, one of our trustees kindly jumped in and made sure the already packed Milly Bags were tagged and loaded into the van.

The next day David and Vicky collected the van, filled up with fuel and safely delivered all 20 Milly Bags to Leeds, Ward L31.

All this was done by everyone with only a moments notice because we understand that no hospital can be left without a supply of Milly Bags.

This is something we promise to all our hospitals, and in the 6 years we have been operating, we have always kept this promise.

Huge thank you to everyone involved with Milly’s Smiles, there are so many people behind us and every single person plays a huge part.

To all the families we have supported and to all the families that we will support in the future, we see you, we understand you and we send you our love.

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