Ward 84 Mum raises money for Milly’s Smiles

After Lisa’s daughter Sophie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and they were given a Milly Bag when admitted onto Ward 84, Lisa decided she wanted to support our charity and decided to raise some money for us.

Lisa used the occasion of her birthday to ask family and friends to donate as she wanted to help us to keep supporting families when they need it most.  A total of £1158.00 was raised, which is amazing for us and will make a huge difference to the work we do.

Lisa told us that the bag made such a difference to them when they were admitted and their Milly Bag is always ‘packed and ready in the car for emergencies’.  She also said that they use their rainbow blanket all the time , and says that ‘you can see other families recognise the logo and give you a knowing smile’.

It is always very special to hear of families fundraising for us, we never expect anything back when our Milly Bags are given out.  It is enough to know that through Milly’s experiences we are able to help families going through possibly one of the worst times of their lives, and we feel blessed and honoured that we can do this.

We send our heartfelt thanks to Lisa and everyone who donated and all our love to Sophie and wish her well during the rest of our treatment.

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