Ward 84 Parents Jayne & Stuart take on The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

We were contacted by Jayne, who received a Milly Bag from us, when they were admitted onto Ward 84 last year.  This is what Jayne had to say:

‘On 30th May 2017 we were sent by ambulance to Manchester Hospital from our local hospital following on from an appointment at our local GP. We arrived at Manchester in just the clothes we were wearing. Immediately we were given a Milly’s Smiles Bag which helped our daughter Jessica greatly. She straight away cuddled the hand knitted elephant and snuggled under her blanket. Without some of the basic items in these bags, which most people take for granted, our initial few days would have been even more unbearable. We can never thank Milly’s Smiles for their generosity, but we can make a really good effort. To do this we have signed up to climb the Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach on the 18th May. Some people do this for fun, we are doing it to support one of the most generous charities we know of. Unfortunately Milly’s Smiles is a charity that will always be needed, as new patients continue to be admitted to Ward 84. Knowing we will be helping Milly’s Smiles provide their ongoing help to newly diagnosed families will make every metre climbed worth it ♥️
We wish them both all the luck in the world (Crazy people!) and cant wait to see the pictures.

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